When Shree Narayani Dham was built, the trustees were committed to providing a peaceful, inexpensive and most importantly, luxurious retreat to everyone who wished to stay in Narayani Maa’s shadow. The temple complex has a tremendous number of facilities, all of which are maintained to perfection!


The Yagnashala is the center place in the campus. It is a sacred place located right next to the main temple, and is furnished with marble flooring and beautiful glass windows!


The temple complex has 4 luxury cottages for those devotees travelling with their families. The cottages have a living room, dining table, bedroom with king sized bed, a cupboard with a safe, a refrigerator, a bathroom with shower and complimentary drinking water.


The temple also has 62 double bed rooms along with 2 dormitories with 5 beds each. They are available with the best of amenities, which include television set, seating for two, king sized bed and a closet for storage.

Community Hall

The Community Hall can seat upto 500 people and is available with normal cushioned chairs along with sofa seats. A pre-built stage is located at the front and centre. The hall is ideal for weddings, social functions and more!

Main Dining Hall

The dining area can accommodate upto 500 people and is reserved for occasions when a large crowd is expected. Prasad is available from people from all walks of life hence, we strive to offer the best price possible to devotees.

Small Dining Hall

The dining area can accommodate 200 people and serves almost 500 people daily. It is our belief that anyone who comes to visit the deity must not leave hungry.


The Shree Narayani Dham complex houses a full fledged Gaushala with 40 cows. The milk is utilised in-house in the kitchen to serve the devotees.

Yoga & Fitness Center

There is a health and fitness center inside the temple with sauna rooms for both men and women. The equipments available are a Steam Bath Machine, a Treadmill, a cycle, a crazy fit massager and a Crossfit trainer. If you’re a fitness freak, don’t worry. Here, you can burn all the calories you consumed at our dining hall enjoying lip smacking Indian food.

Children’s Park

In the temple complex, a designated children’s play area is designed meticulously for the young devotees. There are slides, see-saws, round robin, and many other rides where kids can enjoy themselves. One thing we always ensure is that the rides are in good condition, to ensure children’s safety!

Computer Class Room

The temple complex houses a computer class room that runs monthly courses for women so that they can refine their skill set. These help empower the local community and push them towards a much brighter future.

Sewing Class Room

The temple complex houses a sewing class room that runs monthly courses for women to teach them how to make basic fabric. These help empower the community and push them towards a much brighter future.


The Shree Narayani Dham complex houses a dispensary where all basic testing equipment and medicines are available free. A doctor is available from 4 pm to 6 pm every evening for both the residents and locals residing in the neighbouring areas.


For the avid readers who stay in the Shree Narayani Dham complex, there is a library filled with a large collection of books in a variety of languages. Books are the best source of knowledge and we must spend some time in their company!


The Shree Narayani Dham temple complex is filled with beautiful landscaping and flowers from the entry to the exit. The highlight are the gardens filled with roses sourced from Kashmir. In your stressed time, these gardens gives you some much needed soothing effect!

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